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Chairs Limited


Brief Project Title and Description:

New Branding web design and marketing material


Role on this project:

Creative Direction

Art Direction/Design

Production/Technical Execution


Photography/Photo Illustration


Elements of the submission which are not our original work:

The original icon with the dot behind the back was designed by Darrel Freeman. Most product photography by Mark MacPhail. ASP (active server pages ) by Alex Dunphy.


Project Considerations:

This company has been in business since 1989 and has since developed a loyal core clientele. The challenge was to bring it up-to-date while at the same time leaving a connection with its successful past.

The brand needed to portray this list of values:

• Ergonomic • Design Oriented • Service Driven • Unique Designs • High-end Products •  Ergonomic Office Solutions, not just add-on products.

Main icon should state the obvious first: Ergonomic Office Chairs/Furniture. Boxed icons can be interchanged to reflect “Unlimited Ergonomic Products” and “Solutions”.

Tagline to Read “ Ergonomics at Work”. A play on the name as “CHAIRS LIMITED” actually defines “UNLIMITED ERGONOMIC OFFICE SOLUTIONS” as a statement of the only place to get your Office Chair.

Future promotions can play on the service side by promoting the “Test Drive” concept and “Custom Design and Fit”. Placing the chair icon within the name gives a visual spelling to be recognized at a glance without reading it. Although pricing is always a factor in selling product, “Service and Value” always come to the clients’ mind after the purchase. “The better the experience, the more comfortable and satisfied the customer”.

This project was and is broad and encompassing. Design pieces include logo, stationery, specialty items, truck graphics, sell sheets, information packages and web design along with trade show pieces.


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